Centerforce 381028 Clutch Disc

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Clutch Disc; Size 12 in.; 10 Spline By 1 1/8 in.; For NVG 4500 Trans.; Superseded By PN [381097];
Clutch Plate (Disc)Clutch DiscClutch Disc
Size 12 in.
10 Spline By 1 1/8 in.
For NVG 4500 Trans.
Superseded By PN [381097]
FEATURES:90 Day WarrantyMidway Industries Centerforce division is proud to be recognized as the leading manufacturer of performance clutch and pressure plate systems in the United States. Centerforce's reputation as the clutch system of choice stretches back to the early 1980's when legendary Hot Roder and SEMA Hall of Fame member, Bill Hays sought to cure problems with existing designs while developing a competition-rated clutch/pressure plate system suitable for use with non-asbestos friction facings. Bill's remarkable innovation was soon patented as the Centerforce Weighted Clutch System. The Centerforce design applies proven principles of weight and centrifugal force to develop the increased clamping loads modern clutch facings require while maintaining easy pedal effort and eliminating old-style diaphragm "over-center" problems disastrous to high-performance engines. Continuous development and improvement of product offerings is reflected in the unique features of the Centerforce clutch line being protected under nine separate (9) U.S. patents. Today, Centerforce has over 1700 different non-asbestos clutch/pressure plate applications available to the automotive enthusiast. First and foremost, Midway Industries and Centerforce are proud to be a three-generation family owned business, World headquartered and manufacturing exclusively in Prescott, Arizona, committed to create the highest quality and most innovative products available. Centerforce clutch systems are the performance enthusiast's first choice and can be found on leading OEM and customized vehicles worldwide.
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Part TypeClutch Plate (Disc)
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