B&M 20340 Automatic Transmission Flexplate 019695203405 Shopeddies.com

B&M 20340 Flexplate For Ls Type Motors

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B&M 20340 Flexplate For Ls Type Motors

Automatic Transmission Flexplate; Standard SFI; For Use w/LS Series Engines;
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Fits GM LSx motors including 2010 and newer automatic Camaro with L99 engine and 1st through 4th generation Camaro's and Firebird's. Also fits all GM LSx motors using an automatic transmission including Corvette, GTO, and G8. SFI 29.1 approved and legal for all NHRAIHRA classes. Ideal for street applications to extreme duty racing and high RPM use(above 6,000 RPM). B&M's new Radial Tension Technology puts a new spin on flexplate technology. As engine performance levels increase, stronger flexplates become necessary. Until this point, stronger flexplates meant thicker flexplates. This works, but it adds unwanted weight and prohibited the flexplates from working as it was designed. Flexplates are designed to provide a protection against converter and transmission run out or OEM misalignment, which will cause transmission andor converter failure. A rigid flexplate gives no protection. The ultimate design for a flexplate is extreme strength, flexibility and minimal weight. B&M's new RTT performance flexplate accomplishes this goal. B&M's design allows for the removal of unnecessary material from noncritical stress areas. Less material means less weight giving you the benefits of a lightweight, flexible design with thicker material for maximum strength!
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